Hi there,

Wether you’re here because you want to learn more about photography, food styling, both or just curious. 


I am super excited to share the details of the food photography workshop with you.

So, what’s the plan?!

I have arranged a super cozy location for us to get together.
Where I can teach you all about photography and food styling, but also a place where we can bring this all to practice in a beautiful surrounding.

We will start the day at 10:30 am with an introduction round, because I bet you’re as curious as I am.
Depending on the group, this could be fully focused on photography, food styling or both. I want to leave it in the middle for now, you’ll receive a short questionnaire after you signed up. So I can really help you with the things you want to learn or struggle with. 

And yes, we will go through some technical details. I know I know, that’s not the most fun thing about photography. But I can tell from experience, once you know how your camera works, you will even like the technical parts and you will find yourself experiencing with it later. Trust me! 

There will be enough time to get into details and there’s always room for your questions

Talking about photography and food will make you hungry for sure. That’s where the lunch comes in! Yes, it’s included in the price. Just let me know if you have a special diet or allergies. 

Of course that’s where we can start putting our information into practice.
Once we have taken some pictures, we can dig in, sit back, relax, chat and connect.

After lunch I will set up a scene and walk you through it.
Then, it’s up to you! You can set up your own scene and start taking pictures. 

There will be a lot of food and props. But feel free to bring your own if you want.
Still have any questions? I’ll be there to answer them and guide you through it. 

We’ll end the day at 16:30. 

You’ll be heading home with a lot of knowledge, tips & tricks, new connections, beautiful pictures and inspiration to keep practicing food photography


When is this all happening?

Currently not offering the 
group workshops.
You can book an 1 on 1
food photography & styling session for a reduced price. 

Whats included?

Food photography & styling
Tea/coffee/water throughout the day 

What to bring?

Camera / phone
Props/food you want to shoot
Pen and paper.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.
Or book a discovery call via my website.

Have a lovely day!

Lots of love,



P.S. The workshop will be held in Dutch.
If you don’t speak Dutch but still want to participate,
send me a message and we will discuss the possibilities.